Shurley Jingles

Teachers:  These Jingles are recorded from the actual Shurley tape.
They correspond to the jingles found in The Shurley workbooks.

Parents:  Your children are using these jingles in class to help them
learn and remember the main parts of the English language.
Use them to reinforce these parts at home.

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The first file is a zipped file that contains all the Shurley Jingles,
or you can just download the individual files as you need them.

All Jingles (zipped)

01 - The Sentence Jingle

02 - The Noun Jingle

03 - The Verb Jingle

04 - The Adverb Jingle

05 - The Adjective Jingle

06 - The Preposition Jingle

07 - The Object of the Preposition Jingle
08 - The Preposition Flow Jingle

09 - The Pronoun Jingle

10 - The Subject Pronoun Jingle

11 - The Possessive Pronoun Jingle

12 - The Eight Parts of Speech Jingle

13 - The 23 Helping Verbs of the Mean, Lean, Verb Machine Jingle

14 - The Object Pronoun Jingle

15 - The Direct Object Jingle

16 - The Indirect Object Jingle

17a - The Predicate Noun Jingle

17b - The Predicate Noun Jingle (different)