Magic Tree House
Audio Books

Teachers, Students, and Parents:  These audio files can be used by Pyron Elementary School Students as a suppliment to their reading.  The student will benefit most when they follow along in the text.  Each audio book is one large MP3 file (except for Knight at Dawn and Tonight on the Titanic), so I encourage the student to keep a time log so they can find their place easily if they have to continue at a later time.

Even though you can play the files by clicking on them, the best way to use them is to save them to the hard drive first.  That way, the student does not have to come back here to access the file.  It will also make it easy to put the file on an iPad.

Using Internet Explorer?
Right Click the file and select "Save Target as..."

Using Firefox?
Right Click the file and select "Save Link as..."

1 - Dinosaurs Before Dark
2 - Knight at Dawn (Click Chapters Below)
3 - Mummies in the Morning
4 - Pirates Past Noon
5 - Night of the Ninjas
6 - Afternoon on the Amazon
7 - Sunset of the Sabertooth
8 - Midnight on the Moon
9 - Dolphins at Daybreak
10 - Ghost Town at Sundown
11 - Lions at Lunchtime
12 - Polar Bears Past Bedtime
13 - Vacation Under the Volcano
14 - Day of the Dragon King
15 - Viking Ships at Sunrise
16 - Hour of the Olympics
17 - Tonight on the Titanic (Click Chapters Below)
18 - Buffalo Before Breakfast
19 - Tigers at Twilight
20 - Dingoes at Dinnertime
21 - Civil War on Sunday
22 - Revolutionary War on Wednesday
23 - Twister on Tuesday
24 - Earthquake in the Early Morning
25 - Stage Fright on a Summer Night
26 - Good Morning Gorillas
27 - Thanksgiving on Thursday
28 - High Tide in Hawaii
29 - Christmas in Camelot
30 - Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve
31 - Summer of the Sea Serpent
32 - Winter of the Ice Wizard
33 - Carnival at Candlelight
34 - Seasons of the Sandstorms
35 - Night of the New Magicians (incomplete)
36 - Blizzard of the Blue Moon
37 - Dragon of the Red Dawn
38 - Monday with a Mad Genius
39 - Dark Day in the Deep Sea
40 - Eve of the Emperor Penguin